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37" x 37"

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This quilt represents the life of Malcolm X. Patricia developed the quilt block pattern herself and calls it “waves.” The bottom row of bright tie-tied material represents the confused violence of his youth when he engaged in criminal activity. The middle row presents stark plain colors with some all black squares and red green and blue representations of the strong racial and religious polarization of the Black Muslim movement which helped him rise above his criminal past and advocate on behalf of his race. Finally, the top row of light brown shades represents his adoption of Islam and the pilgrimage to Mecca where he acknowledged the common humanity of all people. Within the fabric there are a variety of objects enmeshed including a crescent moon ornament at the top to signify his religious experience.


Greg Schaler

Malcolm waves 12 detail.jpg (1469 kB)
Malcolm (Waves 12) detail


Malcolm X, Black Muslim Movement, Islam, Mecca, pilgrimage