Since 2002 students in the Environmental Law Program have been encouraged to create brief films that explore issues in environmental law and policy. The program has been well received by the local environmental community and is a popular and successful extracurricular activity.

Films from 2002-2006 are available for use in the library only. Films from 2007 and later are available directly here, from the Thurgood Marshall Law Library's Institutional Repository, Digital Commons.


Clean Water Act Section 311, Justin Valentino

This Is Not OK, Kyra Wheatley, Victoria Long, Lauren Stettz, Jaquelyn Kapinos, and Troy Walker


Bmore Green, Dan Baker, Cymoine Gosnell, Stephanie Malchine, and Jarred Miles

Perkins Homes Redevelopment Environmental Impact, Anne Brenner

A Wilderness Is a Friend or Foe?, Vidhya V. Iyer

Climate Change in Africa, Emily Schenning

The Impact of Climate Change on Maryland Agriculture, Madeline Spencer, Kyla Kaplan, Alison Venable, and Abigail Trumpy


Environmental Pollution, Linda Carmona, Oluwabukola Daramola, and Runjia Li

Enviro Movie, Suhani Chitalia, Cody Dowling, Nathaniel Gajasa, and Caleen Kufera

Sustainable Farming, Michael Divver, David Kim, and Thomas Stephan

Manufacturing Sustainability, Katie Flowers

Harbor Wars, Amelia Whiting, Sara Assaid, and Alex Belman


Free Your Voice, Jennifer Caggino and Seungju Kang

The Northern Snakehead: It's What's for Dinner, Brian Carey, Robert Dry, Oluebube Mbarie, Atiji Phiri, and Eva Vordogianni

Climate Change and Change in the Political Climate, Devon Harman, Catherine McGrath, Adam Baig, and Mike Hayes

Mr. Trash Wheel, Shannon Himes, Kerri Morrison, and Megan Todd

A World in Retreat, Taylor Lilley, Collin Wojciechowshi, Zach Wilkins, and Sara DiBernardo

Star Trek: The Next, Next Generation, Harrison Mont and Laura Tallerico

Glass Half Full: Sustainable Vineyards, Christopher Remavege, David Morgan, Ashley Drexel, Katrina Abarcar, and Lulu Ye


1,000 Year Rain Event: Impacts of Flooding in Columbia SC to the Human Environment, Matthew Houck

Tough Time to Be a Bee, Brieanah Schwartz and Renée Lani

Apple in China, Jinxin Sui and Fangzhou Xie

Perspectives on E-Waste and Recycling, Christine Wang


Cove Point LNG, Salomee Briggs, Sean Dobbs, Marina Ivanovskaya, and Jaime Jacobson

Baltimore Brownfield Renaissance, Michael Brown and Kay Lord Fallon

Shark Finning, Rachel Burch and Tara Messing

Maryland Solar Energy, Julia Carbonetti, Erik Pramschufer, and Richard Starr

The Gas and the Furious, Bethany Henneman, Chelsea Kadish, Taylor Kasky, Laura Lutkefedder, Kat O'Konski, and Andrea Olsen

The Conowingo Controversy, Hilary Jacobs, Allie Santacreu, Renee Connor, and David Barry

Rain Tax, Liz Rinehart, Katlyn Schmitt, and Anthony May

Maryland's Community Energy Future, Katrina Rowe and Nick McDaniels


Maryland's Offshore Wind Debate, Tom Blonkowski, Alana Wase, and James Miller

Climate Change You Can Taste, Emma Currin, Jacqueline Lynch, and Kevin Kellogg

The Environmental Effects of Methamphetamine Labs and What To Do About Them, Gina Fioravanti and Chelsea Treadwell

Baltimore Climate Action Plan, Christine Hein and Kate Matthews

Beware the Beasts of the Ballast, Matthew Jacobs, Phillip Chalker, Christopher Collins, and Lisa Piccinni

Environmental Justice and the Baltimore Harbor, Ilana Kerner, George Aguilar, and Adam Janet

Controversy at Calvert Cliffs: the Implications of Natural Gas Export, Dawn Leung and Mona Zhe

Business for a Better Baltimore, Mollie Rosenzweig and Fernando Guerra

Here Comes the Oyster, Cassandra Miranda Villardes


Offshore Wind in Maryland, Tom Blonkowski, James Miller, and Alana Wase

Managing the Menhaden, Alan Dunklow, Andrew Kraus, Gabe Scott, and Joey Kroart

A Bay Called Chesapeake, Lane Earnest, Brian Scherer, John Glass, and Evan McCulloch

Ringwood - a CERCLA Case Study, Tim Gilbert, Mike Kellerman, Beth Totman, Brittany Ditto, and Will Harrington

From Pollution to Solution: Alternative Fuel Vehicles, Abigail Lubow and Jonathan Huber

Phil & Ned's Excellent Adventure, Rebecca Maddox, Colin Hood, Bridget Daly, Helen Wolf, James O'Donnell, and Mario Medina

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Justin Noe, Amir Heyat, and Justin Haas

Help Us!, Brandon Roby

Cherishing the Chesapeake, Megan Ulrich, Lena Beery, and Ben Donoghue


Oysters in the Chesapeake Bay, Mike Adams, Hajrah Ahmad, Kasia Fertala, and Justine Moreau

Silent Running, Ovais Anwar, Rebecca Brown, Michael Spinelli, and Matthew Standeven

LEED Project, Stephanie Dahl, Tyler Moser, and Paul Robinson

The Story of the Patapsco, Luis Diaz, Andrew Goldman, Jacob Holtz, and Esther Houseman

ANWR: The Musical, Patrick McDonough, Jana Schultz, Emily Eisenrauch, Scott Lindsay, and Courtney Leas

Trashy Mermaid, Nathan Norne, Natasha Mehu, Emily Estrada, and Ajoke Agboola

Don’t Jump in the Harbor, Matt Peters and Christina Gubitosa

Geo-Engineering, Corin Vick


Solar Homes, Cheryl Cortemeglia, Jim Getz, Molly Knoll, and Cara Shepley

Bike Club, Charlie Friedman, Liz Shaner, Greg Simmons, and Dan Stringer

Red Rocks, Tom Grillo, John Sipple, and Ethan Weitzman

Rats Are Rotten, Irene Hantman, Katie O’Malley, and Jessica Rozali

Just A Reminder, Paul Huntington

Believe, Taggart Hutchinson, Shauna Stringham, Beth Grasso, and Will Tilburg

Six Stages in the History of Environmental Law, Nat Keller, Sasha Millard, and Emily Rohm

The Tale of Corn, Kevin Lee

Environmental Injustice, Nancy Lineman, Elsa Clausen Michels, and Holly Devaser

Scrap Tires, Jacquin Milhouse and Terri Morse

Baltimore Urban Gardening, April Morton, Betty Franky, Emily Fisher, Erin Doran, and Heather Sites

Somebody Call 911: Windmills Are Killing Our Birds, Jessica Raba and Bryan Ebert

Environmental Awareness, Adam Sharpe and Blake Baron


The News, John Archibald, Carter Beach, Joey Chen, and Rama Taib

Sustainable Harvest, Natalie Baughman, Lisetta Silvestri, Kim Stefanski, and Lynne McChrystal

Marvesta Shrimp, Eva Cabot, Aminah Famili, Jesse Iliff, Emily Lipps, Megan Mueller, and Limor Weizmann

Arsenic and Old Dirt, Katy Jackman, Rene Parks, and Rebecca Steitz

Urban Legends of the Inner Harbor, Andrew Keir, Eric Hergenroeder, Chris Montague-Breakwell, Daniella Einik, and Patrick Smith

Climate Change You Can Taste, Kevin Kellogg, Jacki Lynch, and Emma Currin

Gunpowder Riverkeeper, Talley Kovacs and Brooke O'Hanley

Greenco, Kim Myers and Scott Yager

There Doesn't Have to be Blood, Jordan Vardon


The Great Lead Caper, Gwen Allen, Bob Maddox, Jason Martineau, and Amanda Schwartzkopf

Oh Shenandoah, Brendan Fitzpatrick, Carrie Riedlinger, Josh Schultz, Matt Swinburne, Lewis Taylor, and Ian Ullman

Mission Impossible: Nuclear Power, Christine Jochim, Thalia Sundaresan, Anna Kuperstein, Michael Wright, and Van Hilderbrand

Landfills: Turning Trash into Cash, Carl Moore, Bob Clemons, and Thomas Caso

CSI: Critical Area Act, Tom Prevas, Jonathan Cheng, Dan Ingersoll, Mike McKeefery, and Scott Mendelsohn

Westminster is Thirsty, John Weetman


Tragedy of the Commons, Mohammad Alwazir, Winston Martindale, David McMurray, Amber Widameyer, Chris Wohn, and Andrew King

Ethanol: Fueling Maryland, April Birnbaum, Corianne Iacorelli, Daniel Orlaskey, and Lauren Willis

Oysters, Glen Rice, Joanna Goger, Gail Orendorff, Wade Wilson, Evan Isaacson, Alva Wright, Chad Harris, and Khushi Desai


Talking Trash, Dana Boston, John Lee, Yordanos Woldai, Leila D'Ambrosio, Erica Zilioli, Erin Holbrook, Natalie Havlina, and Matt Shudtz

Death Project, Jim Harris, Andrea Curatola, Ann Merwin, Jeremiah Chiappelli, Jessica Chiappelli, Molly Geoghegan, and Laura Brockmeyer

Got rBST: the Safety of Recombinant Bovine Somatotrophin, C. Howard, J. S. Hawkins, A. Roth, B. Strippoli, A. Tysor, and E. Thomas

The Recycling Witch Project, Megan Moeller, Mindy Goldstein, and Michael B. McCarthy

The Poop Movie, K. Wainwright, S. Gopal, M. Vesely, J. Kim, and K. Fisher


Eutrophication, Jaclyn Ford, Craig Langrall, Jennifer Svara, and Sandra Young


The Permit Zone, Ben Homola, Russ Bowman, and Lev Guter

Fertilizer & the Chesapeake Bay, Stephen Pyle, Amanda Neidert, Dismas Loccaria, and Katherine Eller