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29.5" x 40"

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Patricia was inspired to make two quilts based on the Fushimi Inari Shrine near Kyoto, Japan. Fushimi Inari I (1995) was selected for Tactile Architecture 1996 and travelled from Montpelier, Virginia to Lyons, France, then to Houston, Texas before coming back to Maryland. The quilt used photographs of the Fushimi-Inari shrine near Kyoto as inspiration, incorporating photo transfers of Japanese castles and fabric collected on her trips to Japan. Fushimi Inari I was displayed at Government House in Annapolis in A Celebration of the Arts in Maryland 1997-98.

Fushimi Inari II is based on several visits to the shrine, famous for its vermilion torii gates, and reflect the ribbons and origami cranes attached to the fence, apparently honoring ancestors.


Greg Schaler

fushimi-Inari 2 detail.jpg (1826 kB)
Fushimi-Inari 2 detail

Japan Fushimi-Inari.jpg (5731 kB)
Fushimi-Inari 1 and Fushimi-Inari 2 together; Fushimi-Inari 1; images from the shrine at Fushimi-Inari that inspired the quilts.