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46" x 39"

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The tie-dyed material is very useful in portraying the fiery images. The circle motif is common in many of my quilts. Here it can be seen in the center and the circles like moons in the rays shooting from the tie-dyed center. Symbols sometimes represent their opposite - the center of the sun also has a coldness to it, the birds and fish are a world that does not survive in the arctic. The pictures I make can be taken literally, leading the viewer in one direction, or they can be viewed symbolically, sending the viewer in another direction. The black and white material suggests the beginning of a journey into the cold white. The bright red of the bears marching across the sun represents the strength of these creatures. I admire these strong figures marching across the sun as they struggle to survive. The embedded presidents - Jefferson and Teddy Roosevelt - both had a keen interest in the natural world.


Greg Schaler

polar bears progressing across the sun detail.jpg (1771 kB)
Polar Bears Progressing Across the Sun detail