Bill Quigley

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Articles from Volume 76

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influence of exile, homeless rights, socail distancing


When I read Professor Sara Rankin’s article, The Influence of Exile,[I was reminded of three recent stories of how law, government, and business worked together to try to exile the homeless in our community. Though all parties continuously profess to be concerned only with the well-being of homeless people themselves, the laws transparently marginalize them. Though the following three stories about the impact of these laws are local to New Orleans, Louisiana, I am absolutely sure there are similar stories of similar happenings in most communities across the nation.

Professor Rankin’s article examines the very big picture into which the following three stories fit. Her article identifies and critiques the many ways law is used to exclude visibly poor and homeless people from public places and public spaces. It proposes a transformative reconceptualization of who deserves to be in public spaces. And it outlines ways to reintegrate homeless people into public spaces, thus prompting the law and society to act in ways more consistent with democratic principles. The Influence of Exileexamines the way our laws push aside, marginalize, and control poor, especially homeless, people. The homeless of New Orleans would absolutely understand these themes as they are applied to them.


Human Rights Law | Land Use Law | Law and Society