The University of Maryland Law Journal of Race, Religion, Gender & Class provides a forum for academics, judges, and practitioners to engage in a scholarly discussion of legal issues pertaining to race, religion, gender and class. The Journal is dedicated to fostering intellectual discourse on issues at the intersection of public policy and the law, as well as analyzing the effects of law, policy and judicial decision on different religious, racial, ethnic, economic and social groups.

RRGC 2017 Symposium About Us Symposia Aims and Scope Editorial Board

EDITORIAL BOARD VOL. 16, NO. 2 – VOL. 17, NO. 1 2016-2017

Editor in Chief
Robin Cleland
Managing Editor
Adetokunbo Arowojolu
Executive Symposium Editors
Faiza Hasan
Paola Vibriesca
Executive Technology Editor
Young Soo Kim
Executive Articles Editor
Angela Lam
Notes And Comments Editors
Matthew Healy
Kirsten Eckroad
Manuscripts Editor
Hannah Ernstberger
Senior Articles Editor
Laura Tallerico
Articles Editors
Kathryn Farley
Victor Legorreta
Yvette Pappoe
Associate Editors
Spencer Evans
Robyn Gaudon
Courtney Kuhn
Trisha Scott
Hariton Wilson
Staff Editors
Hannah Bondurant
Erica Boyd
Christie Chung
Taylor Faulkner
Molly Friedman
Alyssa Glasser
Reagan Greenberg
Samuel Howie
Lisa Johnson
Jessie Lachman
Briana Maine
Claire McDowell
Amanda Patanaphan
Maria Pomorski
Kayleswari Ramu
Aarti Sardana
Alec Summerfield
Stephanie Trader
Barbara Weisman
Faculty Advisors
Professor Richard Boldt
Professor Michael Pinard
Journal Librarian
C.J. Pipins