The Women, Leadership & Equality Program combines teaching, experiential learning, and scholarship about women in the legal profession and provides an opportunity for students to engage in critical thinking about cutting-edge issues in gender and leadership. The Program helps students develop the professional skills necessary for success and leadership positions in law, business, government, the nonprofit sector, and the judiciary through the Rose Zetzer Fellowship Program, which offers training in professional skills, including communication, organizational dynamics, leadership, and personal negotiation through externships and other practice-based learning.

The Women, Leadership & Equality Program sponsors a series of Papers that includes presentations and publications by leading scholars. In 2013, the program sponsored Switch Point Stories: Tales of Sex, Race, and Sexuality.

The Founding Director of the Women, Leadership & Equality Program is Professor Paula Monopoli.


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2020: Challenging Gender Bias in the Legal Profession

2015: Roundtable on Increasing Author Diversity in Legal Scholarship: Bibliography

2013: Switch Point Stories: Tales of Sex, Race, and Sexuality

2010: The Search for Satisfaction: Report from the UMDLaw Alumni Career Path Survey

2009: Hard Facts: Retaining and Advancing Women Lawyers in Challenging Economic Times

2008 - Gender and the Presidency

2007 - Roundtable on Women in Legal Academia

2007 - Breaking Barriers: Current Issues Relating to Women, Labor and the Law

2006 - The Global Advancement of Women: Barriers and Best Practices

2005 - Women and the "New" Corporate Governance

2004 - The Sway of the Swing Vote: Justice Sandra Day O'Connor and Her Influence on Issues of Race, Religion, Gender and Class

2003 - Title IX: Women, Athletics and the Law