The Maryland Discussion Group on Constitutionalism – also known as the Maryland Constitutional Law Schmooze continues a tradition started nearly 20 years ago by Mark Tushnet, to provide constitutional scholars with an opportunity for informal dialogue on interesting and provocative topics. Since 2001 the Schmooze has been organized by Professor Mark A. Graber and since 2003 has been held at the University of Maryland School of Law.

Participation in the Schmooze is by invitation. Traditionally each participant is asked to submit a short paper (10-15 pages) related to the discussion topic which serves as the "ticket of admission." Leading scholars from the legal academy and political science with interests in comparative constitutional politics, American constitutional politics, political development and political theory gather for stimulating discussion on such topics as "Juristocracy," "The Canon of Constitutional Law," and "The Hardest Question in Constitutional Law."


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