The symposium addresses issues such as racial disparity in the juvenile justice and public education systems, the school to prison pipeline, incarcerated juveniles’ access to counsel and education, the practice of automatically prosecuting youth as adults, and the impact on communities of incarcerating youth of color. The first panel will discuss racial disparity and differential treatment in the juvenile and criminal justice systems, with a focus on the factors that cause these systemic distortions and potential solutions to the problem of racial disparity. The second panel will analyze incarcerated juveniles’ access to education and examine why it is essential that juveniles have The third panel will focus on the impact of the juvenile justice system on our communities by addressing issues such as the automatic prosecution of youth as adults.


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Thursday, April 12th
3:00 PM

Panel Presentations and Discussion

Michael Krawitz
Lynn McPherson, University of Maryland School of Pharmacy
Dan Morhaim
Eric E. Sterling, Criminal Justice Policy Foundation

3:00 PM - 5:00 PM