Between 2001 and 2007, the journal sponsored symposia on topics related to race, religion, gender or class and the proceedings from some of those meetings are published in the journal. Since Fall 2007, symposia proceedings are online.

Fall 2001 – Policing Under O'Malley: The Baltimore City Police Department

Fall 2001 – The New Freedom: The Effects of Recent Anti-Terrorism Legislation on Religious and Ethnic Minorities

Fall 2001 - Legislating Morality: The Problem of Moral Right and Legal Rights

Spring 2002 – "Forgotten Voices:" Women in the Criminal Justice System

Fall 2002 – Reparations

Spring 2003 – Access to Justice

Fall 2003 – Redefining Family, Redefining Society: The Transformation of Legal Perspectives on Sexuality

Spring 2004 – The Death Penalty in the United States: Exploring Modern Implications

Fall 2004 – The Sway of the Swing: Justice Sandra Day O'Connor and Her Influence on Issues of Race, Religion, Gender and Class [papers published in RRGC vol. 4, no. 2]

Spring 2005 – Correcting the Correctional System: Evaluating and Implementing the Kennedy Commission's Recommendations on Alternatives to Incarceration

Fall 2005 – Broken Fences: Legal and Practical Realities of Immigration Reform in the Post-9/11 Age [papers published in vol. 5, no. 2]

Spring 2006 – God's Law in the People's Law: A Discussion of Contemporary Issues Arising from Religion and the Law [papers published in RRGC vol. 6, no. 1]

Fall 2006 – Breaking Barriers: Current Issues Relating to Women, Labor and the Law [papers published in RRGC vol. 7, no. 1]

Spring 2007 – "Searching for Harmony" – an Examination of Race-Based Classifications