Proxy / 'präk-sē / (noun)
(1) a power of attorney authorizing a specific person to vote corporate stock
(2) a computer server that acts as an intermediary between a work station and the internet
(3) the online extension of The Journal of Business & Technology Law

The Proxy is an online extension of the Journal that is intended to allow for a robust and timely debate on articles published in our print edition. To that end, the Proxy provides a venue for authors to publish timely articles and essays that may not fit the traditional law journal format. Responses should be approximately 3000 words long, and should be lightly footnoted and sourced in comparison to traditional articles. However, these articles and essays are subject to the same standards as the material that appears in our print edition.

Articles and essays will permanently reside on this website and should be cited as:

Damian R. LaPlaca & Noah Winkeller, Legal Implications of the Use of Social Media: Minimizing the Legal Risks for Employers and Employees, 5 J. BUS. TECH L. PROXY 1 (2010),