Submission Information

The Maryland Law Review (MLR) takes pride in meticulously and fairly reviewing each and every manuscript submission that we receive. Our Executive Committee is responsible for selecting every article that we publish. We have multiple stages of review, but each article that receives an offer for publication is first reviewed by the entire MLR Executive Committee. Manuscripts submitted through Scholastica, email, or hard copy will be considered.

Beginning on February 4, 2020, Volume 80 of the Maryland Law Review is instituting a semi-blind review process for submissions. Our objective is to judge pieces based on their content and contribution to the legal academy. To accomplish this goal, submissions will be prescreened by manuscripts editors in an un-blinded fashion. At this stage of review, our manuscripts editors will have access to authors’ CVs, cover letters, and other identifying information the author includes in the manuscript. The most promising pieces will then be forwarded to the full MLR Executive Committee for their consideration.

When reviewing each piece, the MLR Executive Committee will not have access to CVs or cover letters, and any identifying information within the manuscript will be redacted. The Executive Committee will then cast preliminary votes in a blind fashion. Only the manuscript editor who prescreened the submission will have knowledge of the author’s identity. Prior to the final Executive Committee vote, authors’ identifying information may be disclosed to the Executive Committee.

We ask that authors submit their manuscripts without identifying information. Please note that if your piece includes citations referring to other works you authored but which do not identify that they are citations to your own work, you do not need to redact your name from them. If you have any questions about the submission process, please do not hesitate to email us at MDLR01@law.maryland.edu. We look forward to reviewing your submission.

Maryland Law Review Online, formerly known as Endnotes, is the Maryland Law Review’s online companion. Established in 2008, it is intended to quickly disseminate a variety of content, including commentary on important court decisions, contemporary legal and policy issues, and legislative developments. Maryland Law Review Online expands the scope of the journal’s print publication and features response articles, book reviews, practical insights, student pieces, essays, and unique and accessible law review articles.

Maryland Law Review Online publishes pieces on a rolling basis and undergoes an expedited publication schedule. All pieces are edited by the Maryland Law Review staff. Maryland Law Review Online publishes articles that are 15,000 words or less (including footnotes), but longer pieces may be considered in appropriate cases.