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embargo, 1806, St. Domingo, Haiti, Schooner General Pinkney, William Yeaton


On February 28, 1806 Congress passed an embargo against any part of St. Domingo not in possession by the French Government. There was much debate regarding the embargo and the international politics regarding the Haitian Revolution. On August 23, 1806 the Schooner General Pinkney, owned by William Yeaton set sail from the port of Alexandria for St. Jago de Cuba, but instead went to the prohibited port of Cape Francois, St. Domingo. In addition to this ship, another ship owned by William Yeaton, the Schooner Betsey and Charlotte also took the same course on September 23, 1806. Both were held in violation of the embargo, but only the Betsey and Charlotte was condemned. This paper will examine the history behind the embargo, the cases of the General Pinkney and the Betsey and Charlotte, and the effects the General Pinkney had on America’s legal field.


Admiralty | United States History