Volume 33, Issue 1 (2018)

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Note from the Editor
Rebeca Garcia Gil

Symposium: Articles and Essays

Notes & Comments

Editorial Board volume 33, 2017-2018

Rebeca García Gil
Managing Editor
Annamaria Santini
Executive Articles Editor
Caleb Gurujal
Executive Editor
Justen Barbierri
Executive Notes and Comments Editor
Shannon Himes
Senior Editors
Ava Claypool
Jess OrDonez
Nathan Price
Neda Saghafi
Thomas Stowe
Zachary Wilkins
Staff Editors
Jordan Beard
Julia Kenny
Caleen Kufera
Emma Mulford
Bennett Procter
Valerie Resch
Karen Sealy
John Travers
Marty Welch
Vanessa Zehnder
Faculty Advisor
Peter Danchin