Volume 31, Issue 1 (2016)

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Note from the Editor
Yevgeniya Kalinina

Symposium: Introduction

Symposium: Articles and Essays



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Editorial Board volume 31, 2015-2016

Editors In Chief
Yevgeniya Kalinina
Hannah He
Managing Editor
Akhila Rao
Executive Articles Editor
Justin Greer
Executive Notes Editor
Caroline Lee
Senior Editors
Stephanie Crawford
Sara Movahed
Amy Rappole
Julia Wagner
Staff Editors
Umber Aggarwal
Sidonie A. Becton
Emily T. Gallin
Catherine A. Lee
Lily I MacKenty
Martin A. McEnrue
Vincenzo Procopio
Cesar II Ruiz
Jennifer Elisa Smith
Faculty Advisor
Michael Van Alstine
Peter G. Danchin