Event Title

Panel Two: Social Media and Copyright Law


Ceremonial Moot Court Room

Start Date

5-4-2013 11:15 AM

End Date

5-4-2013 12:35 PM

symposia_spring2013_PAufderheide.pdf (3464 kB)
Social Media and Fair Use: the Power of Best Practices by Patria Aufderheide

symposia_spring2013_KCoons.pdf (838 kB)
Social Media and the Law: an Exploratory Look into the Legal Effects of Online Interconnectedness

symposia_spring2013_CBSanders.pdf (1350 kB)
Blogging without Copyright Infringement

symposia_spring2013_JCampbell.pdf (4154 kB)
Photographers and Social Media: a personal story and some interesting examples


Apr 5th, 11:15 AM Apr 5th, 12:35 PM

Panel Two: Social Media and Copyright Law

Ceremonial Moot Court Room