Research Methodology in Temporal Perception

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Published in Journal of Experimental Psychology, v. 79, no. 3, March 1969, p. 561-564. Copyright © 1969 by the American Psychological Association. APA policy does not allow the final, published version of the article to be posted online. To obtain the full text, click on the journal title at Reproduced with permission.


Using 18 male and 18 female Ss, three methods for investigating temporal perception were compared: MVE (method of verbal estimation), MP (method of production), and MR (method of reproduction). Stimuli were 10 experimental time intervals ranging from 2 to 29 sec. in steps of 3 sec. For all intervals MVE was overestimated while MP and MR were underestimated. The strong effects for MP and MCE, however, came primarily from the female Ss. There appeared an inverse relationship between degree of inaccuracy and interval size.

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