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Fall 2012


legal instruction, essay questions


Professor Bogen has written a companion piece "CRES Programs for Legal Education" (with Eric Sherbine) which may be found at:

The papers are based on a presentation made at a Workshop on the Changes in Law Practice: Implications for Legal Education, Teaching Innovations Teaching Innovations Panel at the 2012 Annual Meeting of the American Association of Law Schools in Washington, DC.

The Law Teacher is published by the Institute for Law, Teaching & Learning at Gonzaga University. See:


This paper discusses the Critical Review Exam System [CRES] developed by Alan Tyree in Australia in which the computer poses a question requiring an essay answer. After the student answer has been "submitted," the computer asks the student a number of simple yes/no questions about the submitted answer. In effect, students mark their own answer. The "critical review" questions may be arranged in a tree structure, thus facilitating the use of questions which have no "right" answer.

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19 Law Teacher (2012).


Legal Education