Contemporary Trusts and Estates, 4th ed.


Contemporary Trusts and Estates, 4th ed.



The fourth edition of Contemporary Trusts and Estates gives students a clear understanding of the laws governing inheritance and end-of-life planning, including major uniform acts like the Uniform Probate Code and the Uniform Trust Code.

Contemporary Trusts and Estates captures the rapid evolution of doctrine in trusts and estates law that has occurred over the past half-century in response to profound societal and demographic changes. Based on recent developments in legal education, this casebook integrates legal analysis, judgment and perspective, ethics, and practice skills. It focuses simultaneously on the theoretical foundations and practical applications of the material, teaching students by using traditional case analysis and, at the professor’s option, innovative exercises.

While the casebook covers the customary elements of a trust and estate course and focuses students on core trust and estate issues of intent and statutory analysis, it does so with three innovations:

  • Early in the semester, it provides an overview of the status of all people involved in estate planning, addressing issues such as the meaning of “spouse” and “child” and the ethical obligations of lawyers who represent multiple clients.
  • It includes exercises that are integrated into the more traditional casebook material and are designed to provide hands-on practical experience; these exercises involve skills ranging from counseling to drafting to litigation.
  • It includes numerous problems, which drill down on a particular statute or common law doctrine and require students to apply what they have learned to a hypothetical fact pattern.



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Contemporary Trusts and Estates, 4th ed.