The Symposium honors the enduring legacy of Professor Hungdah Chiu in relation to China, Taiwan, and International Law. Professor Chiu authored influential treatises on international law and trade, wrote numerous scholarly articles, and mentored countless students, including the current President of the Republic of China, Taiwan, MA Ying-jeou. Among the most lasting features of Professor Chiu's considerable legacy is his integral role in establishing the framework through which China and Taiwan conduct relations today. As the Mainland Affairs Council said, to reconcile past conflicts, both China and Taiwan should seek the "promotion of mutual understanding through people-to-people exchanges and elimination of hostility through reciprocity, in the hopes that the order and rules for such exchanges can be established between the two sides." It is in this spirit that we wish to honor Professor Chiu.

Sponsored by the East Asian Legal Studies Program and the International & Comparative Law Program.

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