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This manual is for the use of Maryland lawyers, judges, and masters who are involved with the Child in Need of Assistance cases. The first chapter ... is an overview of the federal Adoption Assistance and Child Welfare Act of 1980, P.L. 96-272. The second chapter contains a description of the various judicial hearings involved in Child in Need of Assistance proceedings. These hearings are the Shelter Care, Adjudicatory and Disposition Hearing. The third chapter contains a discussion of permanency planning for children and the various post dispositional procedures available such as foster care review boards and court dispositional review hearings. The fourth chapter contains a description of the role of counsel for the child and the parents. The fifth chapter consists of a bibliography of legal and social work resources pertaining to child welfare. Finally the 34 appendices contain sample motions and regulations which should aid in handling an abuse and neglect case.

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Maryland Institute for Continuing Professional Education for Lawyers, Inc.


Baltimore, MD


Children in Need of Assistance


Family Law


The 1991 manual was updated by Marilyn Blimline, Esq., Patricia Brown, Esq., Baltimore City Department of Social Services; Marianna I. Burt, Esq., and Randi S. Seiger, Esq. and Barbara K. Vona, Esq., Legal Aid Bureau.

The manual is reproduced with the permission of the Maryland State Bar Association. The MSBA acquired all intellectual property rights to MICPEL's materials when MICPEL folded in 2010.

Advocating for Children and Families in CINA Proceedings 1991

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