Issues at the intersection of business and technology law are pervasive and increasingly complex. These issues present many challenging legal questions which have and will continue to provide ample opportunity for debate among legal scholars. As the first publication to examine these issues together, the Journal of Business & Technology Law seeks to add an important voice to the nation’s legal scholarship and to provide a rewarding educational experience for our members. Launched in the fall of 2005, the Journal has provided a publication venue for the latest thinking on business and technology issues. With the help of its distinguished faculty advisers from the University of Maryland School of Law, the Journal is adding a vital voice to the nation's current legal scholarship.

Editorial Board vol. 9, 2014

Editor in Chief
Patrick A. Hollrah
Managing Editor
Emmanuel A. Fishelman
Executive Articles Editor
Jaan Rannik
Executive Notes & Comments Editor
Paul H. Farmer, Jr.
Executive Symposium Editor
Joshua R. Chazen
Executive Technology Editor
Patrick Kyhos
Articles Editors
Bradley M. Harris
Mehdi Naqvi
Phil Sarid
Megan Tawes
Caitlyn Wilson
Emily Zhao
Notes & Comments Editors
Thomas J. Bolek
Matthew Bosak
Whitney C. Levandusky
Associate Symposium Editor
Kevin G. Kellogg
Associate Editors
Alexander Borman
Zachary Ehudin
Kurt Ellerbe
Adam Janet
Oluwakemi Odusami
Staff Editors
Morgan Arons
Rebecca Berger
Daniel Borman
Patrick Browning
Shannon Byrne
Christopher Burruezo
Nepolina Chhetri
Molly Fitzhugh
Joshua Gross
Eric Grote
Mehreen Imtiaz
Julian Kuz
Jamie Lee
Roy Lyford-Pike
Amelia Parsons
Nicholas Rodriguez
Joella Roland
Marc Salvia
Benjamin Smith
Jason Soni
Ryan Steidl
Research Librarian
Jason Hawkins
Faculty Advisors
Michelle M. Harner
James Grimmelmann
Hilary Hansen
State Business Court Advisors
Lee Applebaum
Hon. Albert J. Matricciani, Jr.